Work in radio, both on-the-air and behind-the-scenes, has indelibly shaped my professional life.

From 2006 through 2015, I had the incredible opportunity to deejay daily and weekly shows, of many different varieties, on KNOM Radio operating out of Nome, Alaska. Many of those shows were music-focused, and two of them I took the lead in creating.

Working at KNOM has also given me the opportunity, through 2018, to create new radio modules or “spots”: one- or two-minute pieces on a variety of subjects that the station broadcast throughout its daily schedule. Many of these, also, have been focused on different kinds of music.

This page collects together a few highlights from my 12+ years with KNOM.

Silvery, retro stereo system with glowing displays and a stack of records
I only wish my home stereo/radio was this cool. (Photo: public domain, via Pixabay.)

The first playlist collects a few examples of Symphony and Swing: a “magazine”-style radio module series exploring different topics in music, especially classical and jazz genres. From 2008 through 2010, I wrote, voiced, and produced this series.

Around the same time I was producing Symphony and Swing, I also created and hosted Classically Late, a two-hour, Wednesday-evening show on KNOM dedicated to showcasing classical music. The show ran from 2009 through 2011. This 2-minute clip is from the very last show. The subject is a composer near and dear to my heart: Claude Debussy.

All audio excerpts above are copyright KNOM Radio Mission.